About Us

To bridge the education, communication, and awareness gaps that exist among families around family wealth.  To support, educate, and inspire beneficiaries and their families to be extraordinary stewards of wealth and possibility.

Tamarind Learning’s online learning environment provides vital education on the cornerstones of wealth and stewardship in the form of multi-course programs and a professional designation. Inspired by its clients, Tamarind Learning® identified the changing needs of wealthy families who struggle to educate their heirs, especially in a safe, secure, remote, and self-paced environment. Education options are available to those who desire to earn a designation by completing the Accredited Beneficiary Stewardship Designation (ABS)® or who simply want to audit the ABS Designation. For those who are focused on specific learning needs, Tamarind Learning offers learning programs focused on specific topic areas.

As we continue to grow, we are looking for top-tier talent to fill our open positions. Check out our careers page to see our available job openings.